The Hawk Foundation for Research and Education in African Culture—The Wisdom of the Drum

“The Hawk Foundation for Research and Education in African Culture dedicates itself to the promotion of education, holistic health, and trauma healing in the African American community. Based in Olympia, their services include educational seminars, lectures, and workshops promoting culturally competent forms of education.” — Hawk Foundation mission statement

In light of this year’s Black Lives Matter protests and the recognition of systemic racism, the Hawk Foundation rallied to elevate their mission and offer expanded programming. The Wisdom of the Drum brings youth together alongside their families to learn more about African drumming, African American history, and multicultural arts. This program’s diverse group of trained educators facilitate free online classes in partnership with multiple county library systems. 

The impact of this program is not only to offer a creative outlet for youth during a pandemic, but also a direct connection to community and culture.